On CME Church in Lowndesboro

The Dome

Just starting to blog.  I have located the dome  that was on  the first Capitol of Alabama which was in Cahaba. Sometimes spelled Cahawba.   It sits atop a little CME Church in Lowdnes County, Alabama. The historical society of Alabama is putting quite an effort in protecting the site of the town, Cahaba.   Due to the flooding of the Alabama and Cahaba Rivers,  the town of Cahaba which was so important to the state in the 1800’s finally gave way to decay and abandonment.  During the civil war it was the sight of a Yankee Prison.

The Dome from the First Capitol Building in Cahaba, Alabama

The capitol was eventually moved to Montgomery.  On my last visit there I found that the old Episcopal church has been restored.  The old town of Cahaba holds the tales of ghosts.It is a  unique place to visit and study. A chapter of my novel is devoted to the once great shipping port in Alabama..