• What a week!  Most of you I suppose, have had the delightful experience of a computer crash.  Well, I did last Thursday and it was the BIG ONE!  The hard drive took  the big leap of death, never to be resurrected!  My daughter who is a great computer tech, even froze the thing to bring it back to life.  It has now had it’s second freeze session.  Still no life. It told her to beat the life back into it.  She wouldn’t hit it real hard but the little beating she gave it, still left it breathless.
  • Here we go to Staples (the retail store that I have had the most success with in the past) and three hours later I purchased a new lap top.  This new HP with all the bells and whistles is a fine piece of technology.  In fact, so fine, I am not sure what to do with it.  At least I am finally getting used to the keyboard!

Now comes the biggest challenge of all, recovering the very last re-write of my novel.

Yesterday, I decided to go to the garden and work on flower beds which I have completely ignored for several weeks now.  Sometimes in the garden I can be digging away and find myself drawing closer to God and talking to him, while I pick up a wiggly worm and throw him aside, or brush an ant or two off me.  During this kind of natural healing  of my nerves and mind, yesterday, a light bulb flashed in my mind.  I had made a hard copy of my last work right before my computer crashed.  Remembering that printers memorized what they were printing before they actually printed gave me the great hope that maybe, just maybe, I could have my hard copy copied at a retail outlet and they could save it to a flash drive in text format.  After going through the yellow pages I finally found a company that said, ” Yes, we can do that.”

You have never seen anyone wash garden dirt off thenmself as fast as I did.  Filled the sink with clorox water to try to get the mud stains off my hands and from under my nails, put on clean clothes and off to downtown Birmingham, Wilbur and I flew.  Excited was not the word to describe how I felt about the possibliity of  getting  this  done. After handing over my manuscirpt to the cute little girl who would make my dreams come true, we waited until that little piece of magic was created.

After paying the bill, which wasn’t too bad, I  excitedly  received the little flash drive. We decided to stop and enjoy a Chinese Buffet to celebrate, then rushed home  to insert the newly formatted flash drive into my new HP and look and my written handiwork all restored………….then, the grin left my face as I saw with my own eyes, the most scrambled up piece of work you could ever imagine.  How can a machine do such a horrible thing to a perfect piece of literature?  I decided this was a waste of time and money and I must resort to the re-write.  Another phone call today to another company,  gives me more hope though…….so Monday will be a new day of discovery in the fascinating world of technology.  Well, I sure hope I can conquer all these woes or I will have my daughter Alicia in the looney house because I am driving her crazy.  Just another day in the life of a wannabe novelist.  Wishing you all good health and a happy day on your computer.   Marian