A new week is underway and I am excited!  First I am excited that God has given me a new day to celebrate His goodness.  It is wonderful to be alive and breathing, able to walk and talk, share and LOVE!  The coffee was good this morning and the caffiene has me energized.

Have you ever had  days when you could throw out all things technical in your home and go back to dial up everything?  There are days when we older ones are faced with new gadgets that make our heads swim.  When we wish our grandchildren were 5 years old again and we could get them over to the house to give mom and dad a break only to be planning to use them to help us set up the VCR, then later the DVD and to teach us something on the computer or any other tech gadget we have just obtained including the now indisposable cell phone.  By the way, how did we ever live without a phone attached to our side ever waking moment.  Just yesterday I had to give in to adding text to my cell phone just to be able to communicate with my family!  Talking seems to be so passe.  All this being said, I have learned to cherish my computer.  It has made a lot of things easier for me, even though it sure can take up a lot of a persons time.  It use to be that if I wanted to buy something I would look in the paper for a sale or get in the car and drive to the appropriate business, pick out what I wanted and go home with it.  Now it is hours researching on the computer.  Hmm, what is better I wonder?  Anyway………..since I am using the computer everyday, and converting my wannabe novel from pin and ink scribbling to a more dignified print copy that can be editied, I solely depend on this piece of technology.

My beloved Funworker One (that is my computer’s nickname) crashed a little over a week ago, which you already know if you are following my blogs.  Now I have Funworker Two.  In the course of Funworker One dying, she took with her about two full weeks of laborious editing and re-write with her.  After working Alicia my daughter to death and getting my friend Tammy on standby with any tech experts she knew, I have now got a flash drive with all my work restored.  No, Alicia nor Tammy had to be the last resort……it was the Yellow Pages!!!

Searching for a company that could take my hard copy and restore it to text in a flash drive took awhile but Viola! A Birmingham company Document Outsourcing became the Miracle Worker.

Now I am lup and running again and all because of modern Technology and the company, Document Outsourcing.

P.S.  I only had to edit this blog 5 times!  Getting better, huh!

Have a good day and thank God for all the nerds in the world!  Marian