Just got back home from my writing hide out. I have been pretty much glued to my new HP, editing and re-writing until my legs wanted to go to sleep.  Having to get up and stretch, I would wander outside and walk down the road apiece deeper into our property, pet the country dogs ( they are an entirely different story) that would come to visit and then water the zosia grass we are trying to get to spread. Back in for more work.

Last evening, I felt a little too couped up so jumped into the hot car, turned in A/C up and headed out for a little country adventure.  Decided I would try the little two laned country road that ran past Providence Baptis Church. (Alicia and her girls took that road and somehow ended up in Prattville!)  Any way,  I drove the little curvey asphalt road not know where I would come out, but hopefully would end up on Hwy. 31. After several miles driving, looking off to  a left fork in the road, I spied a two story white lap-siding building that I knew had to be an old church.  I took the fork to the left and sure enough I stopped in front of Chestnut Creek Baptist Church.  The old church, according to a very faded sign, boasted of being established in 1814!   Wow, I had come upon a treasure.  The old church had a bell tower and an adjoining cemetery.  Pulling the car to the back of the church onto a little dirt road that gave access to the cemetery, I parked and got out to take a look.

My imagination ran wild, as I read inscriptions on blacken tombstones that dated bact before the civil war.  Right behind the church were the still standing, what I will call, homecoming tables.  In my mind I could see the congregation on a hot summer day listening to a long winded preacher speaking on the Glory of God (or hell fire and damnation) while the youngsters squirmmed and the young people cut their eyes to their sweethearts whishing the service would be over so that they could slip out and hold hands under the shade trees.  The men after having done their singing and worshiping were probably anxious to get to those victuals that were just waiting to be tasted.  I’m sure the  women had made up their very best dishes, hoping for praises from all who tasted them.  Ummm,   I am hungry just thinking about the fried chicken and delicious homegrown veggies and scruptous desserts!  Altar call give and the last Amen said, I can just see the children running out the double wooden doors to chase each other in the cemetery, and play hide and seek among the tombstones.

I got back in my car, wishing I could have been at one of those church services way back when.  Back when the church was the center of the community and was the place to go.  Young people wanting to go and perhaps meet the love of their life.  Children getting to play with each other, while the older folks caught up on gossip (Christian gossip, I’m sure!)  and all this centered around the sharing of the Love of Jesus!

I did in fact end up on Hwy. 31 at Coopers and headed back to my hide out where I would continue my work, thinking……..I wish I were a real writer because there is certainly a story to be told about where I went this evening.

Hope all of you have a wonderful upcoming Sabbath Day.  I am sure your minister or priest or rabbi will have you out of service, where you have enjoyed air conditioned climate on a padded pew or chairs, in time for a great meal at your favorite air conditioned restaurant.

Just hear the saints who have gone before and are looking down from Heaven.  “Those folks sure have it comfortable down there now but they don’t know what they missed in the old days……..but they sure don’t know what they are missing up here. Hope they all make it up here!”

Have a wonderful weekend and a sacred Sabbath.