About the time I think I may not have to spend a lot of money this month…….here goes the car A/C.  Now all of us Alabamians know that driving in the south in July just simply requires the A/C.  Driving along in the steamy 90+ temperature with the windows rolled down enough to at least stir up a little breeze reminded me of the 1950’s when a lot of cars had no air. I know mine didn’t; of course I was a lot younger then, but my parents weren’t.  Well, they didn’t have to try to hear a conversation on a cell phone with the windows down either, because there were no cell phones.
Women could wear scarfs (bandanas) or hats to keep their hair from going crazy. One thing about it though, everyone or most everyone was in the same boat, or should I say un-airconditioned automobiles so that when they got to their point of destination one and all looked sweaty…..or as one southern marketer of GRITS says , southern girls don’t sweat, they glisten.  Well, enough of that and on with the story.

Going to the highly respected Crestwood Auto Service in Birmingham to get a good diagnosis on my A/C issues, I just happened to meet the owner, David Heath.  David came highly recommended by personal friends of mine and I now know why.  After checking under the hood of my old Lincoln, I could tell by the look on his face that he felt like he would be dealing with a monster on this one.  I let him off the hook by agreeing to take it to someone else that he recommended.  Now all this said, what I discovered while chatting with David was that there have been National Champions among us for years that we never hear about.  Oh,  Alabama and Auburn Football we hear and hear and hear about, but what about the young people who are living right here in our neighborhoods who become champions. Getting on the subject of bicycles (I guess at that point I thought I might have to resort to one) I learned that Jesse Heath, David’s son ranked #1 in the Nation in BMX Racing.  Never made the Birmingham News even though Bicycle magazines wrote it up.

During this adventure of BMX Racing, Jesse Heath became good friends with a young lad from Wetumpka, Alabama  whose name is Barry Nobels, who was also a racer.  Now Barry won a National Championship that was held in Louisville, Ky. and went on to race in Australia where he won, World Champion BMX Racing in Amateur!  Funny, I never knew we had a World Champion BMX Racer in Alabama.  Did you?

I can only say that I wish our newspapers would publish the wonderful good achievements of our children.  So many, yours and mine alike, who have accomplished good things deserve to be honored, at least in their own hometown newspapers. Surely it can’t all be about contact sports (even though I am a fan) or all the shootings of which none of us are fans.  Just a thought.  Remember to praise the people, especially the young who do good.