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I am so happy to say that as of yesterday, I can now ride in cool comfort in my old automobile.

By the way, have you ever bought a car through E-Bay? My  Champagne colored sleek 2000 Lincoln Continental must have, at one time,  been sitting in some prestigious dealership all bright and shiny just trying to say “pick me, pick me!”  and someone did!   Advance five years down the road……….I saw her listed on E-Bay, up for bids. Her picture was small but upon enlarging it, I liked what I saw.  Umm, I liked the leather seats, keyless entry, all power everything, roomy, ……….I even liked the word “Continental” that was on her backside.  I checked her out on Carfax and found out that she had a clean record!  Little girl had never been  in trouble, Yea.   She had been around the block a time or two; I think about 110,000 miles or so.

I started my bidding, keeping watch on her.  This was going to be my lady.  We would travel  and go great places together.  She would carry precious cargo…..ie grandchildren..She would be my workhorse, loaded from time to time with lawnmowers, weedeaters, dirt, pinestraw, plants, VBS materials up to her roof, sports equipment, luggage, dog houses, fences and friends.( the order given does not relate the importance of)  The bidding went on for several days.  She had no reserve placed on her, so the highest bidder would be her master. At last that final second came, I watched closely, ready to up my bid….and then, it was all over, she was mine for the taking!

She was to be mine when the money was paid but first there would be the trip to claim her and take care of all the paperwork.  Texas was her home and where she would be picked up by my husband.  Wilbur got a ride from our truck driver buddy, Bill Sanders  who had a run to Dallas and welcomed  company for the long ride.  Business was handled and she was on her way to her new home in Alabama.

She has been a mighty fine lady, never complaining about staying outside in the horrible heat and freezing winter weather with no roof over her head.  The garage is occupied by her new brother, the Big Truck!  So here we are, growing old together, traveling miles down the Alabama backroads and taking care of our ills when they befall us.  She will now have her air-conditioned!  I will enjoy her air being conditioned. I have had my check ups and now we are ready to hit the roads together again.  Sorry grandkids, Grammy is not going to get a new car!  Lady Continental is just fine.  She no longer smells like gas because her gas leak has been cured too! Her shoes are new and her oil is  changed.

Even cars want to call Alabama home! She was just waiting for me to get her here.

P.S.  Sorry Lady C, that you couldn’t make it to the State Tennis Tourneyat Auburn University last week-end, but maybe next year.