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Bloom where you are planted.

When early spring rolls around, I find myself all excited about getting into the yard, cleaning out flower beds, trimming shrubs and planning what new flowers to plant that will bloom in the spring and summer seasons. I can hardly wait to see what surprises await, as the soil warms to germinate the seeds that have rested there during the winter months.  Most of the little green shoots that begin to show themselves have to be pulled up because they are weeds. However, among those weeds will emerge the familiar little leaves that I recognize to be a flower trying to inch its way up to face the sun.

About this same time, weeds and grass start growing up in the cracks in our concrete driveway. Getting out the weed eater we usually cut them out to keep the driveway neat and then use the lawn blower to blow off all the dirt and weeds we have cut down. We try hard to make sure the dirt is blown out of the cracks so that the seeds of the weeds will have nothing to sustain them. If that does not work, out comes the round-up and we will spray the cracks.

Several weeks ago when identifying what could be assumed as a weed, to be a little Vinca flower growing up in the driveway, I wanted to let it live and bloom, knowing that it would more than likely be crushed by the wheels of one of our cars, I still didn’t have the heart to pull up the little plant. One week led to another and in  some way the little flower managed not to get crushed.  Finally a bloom appeared. I was careful not to let my car be the one to crush it. Company came and went, we had to use the entire driveway, and still, the little flower survived. There was a wedding at our house this past weekend and there would be no way that the guests could park without running over the little plant. Saturday morning, all cars were gone and I was excited to see that not only was the Vinca surviving, it had added blooms.

I think of how God can plant us in places where at times it seems like we simply cannot survive. The storms of life, the heat from the trials we face and in some cases the maliciousness of others, just seem to be too much to keep us growing. Think of missionaries who go into areas where there seems to be no hope. Sometimes in the season that they are there, they see no “blooms.” But they planted a seed and God let that seed develop even though the surroundings didn’t seem good enough, and after a while,  a bloom appeared and from that bloom, more seeds were produced………and finally a field of “flowers” came forth.

We may not be missionaries on foreign soil, but we are constantly planting seeds. I want to do all I can with His strength to plant the right seeds, even if I never know exactly what soil they are planted in. Lord, help me to bloom where I am planted and may the seeds from my bloom produce goodness  and beauty in Your eyes.