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Plaque of Alabama's First Capiton

National Register of Historic Places listings ...

National Register of Historic Places listings in Dallas County, Alabama (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

   Although a title has not yet been decided on, today,  I will use this as a possiblity.

 Alabama Royalty 

The Gold Crown Pendant Affair

Chapter 28

A Visit to Cahaba, Alabama‘s First Capitol

Michael had taken a trip to Cahaba,  one of his busiest steamboat ports. The town of Cahaba had seen some hard times after being flooded more than once by the rising waters of the Alabama and Cahaba Rivers. When originally established as the first capitol of the State of Alabama, all hopes were  that these two rivers would bring the area economic riches. It was a port where steamboats could pick up passengers, produce, hogs, cattle, cotton and other merchandise that would be sent to foreign lands. The town flourished with shops, two newspapers, schools, hotels, churches, and a land office.

Plantations were scattered all around Cahaba. It was such a political place in the young State of Alabama that it was honored as the welcoming town to the french hero Lafayette. When he revisited the United States in I825 he was welcomed in Cahaba most royally. Many members of (Napoleon’s Old Imperial Guard) which had founded the town of Demopolis, visited him at Cahaba. The town held  parades and banquets to greet and entertain their illustrious French guest.

After thirty years of no floods, the town was beginning to flourish again although it was no longer the Capitol of Alabama. It was still the county seat of Dallas County;  the rich farmland there and in adjoining counties once again, yielded abundant crops that needed to be shipped out. Cahaba had become one of the most important shipping points on the Alabama River,

English: Dallas Academy in Cahaba, Alabama.

English: Dallas Academy in Cahaba, Alabama. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

but by I855 things were beginning to slow down for the town.