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Time passes swiftly. Almost too much so when there is so much that one wishes to accomplish. Sometimes, something’s have to be put aside for the more important things in life. Those more important things, such as being with family and friends when it is time to celebrate or comfort must take precedence in our lives. Finally, and sometimes unexpectedly, we find ourselves free to think for a moment.  The washing is done, the house is quiet, the counters in the kitchen aren’t terribly cluttered, the bed is made, and there is even enough groceries in the house.  We won’t speak of dust, and floors that need vacuuming, that can wait for another day. All of the bills that are due, have been paid. Whoopee, the television is off, and I sit in utter silence except for the sound of the refrigerator purring.  I think I hear my ears ringing though….does that automatically come with old age?’  Uh oh, I hear the door open and footsteps coming through to the den.  Now it is time to tell the news of the day quickly, before the television starts yelling out the news of the day. So much for my 10 minutes of silence.  The next question will be what’s for supper. I must get this blog finished, so here goes.  My novel is in the hands of a publisher, and I should have a copy in my hands by Jan. I have been encouraged by so many.  Friends and family alike, have answered my call for help on grammar, spelling, formatting, etc. etc..  Now another adventure begins.  Possibly more editing, agreeing on a book cover and then developing readers.  Hope you are one of the latter.  Well, the television is on full blast, and I will get ahead of the ‘whats for supper’ question, before it is asked. So I sign off, thanking you for reading this blog. Please feel more than free to write a comment.