Most of us have been confronted with that ‘BIG question’ concerning Christmas. The question can be popped at any time, but it seems to me, it is asked when I am not ready for it. All during the year, leading up to the Holidays, it will cross my mind and I will lay a little thought to it, but usually never when I can put it down on paper. I know the question is coming, so I really want to be prepared, but somehow, all the things that I had in my head all year-long are now gone. Thanksgiving hasn’t even been celebrated yet. The time when we have so much to be thankful for. Then we often get so wrapped up in all the to-do’s of preparing for it, that we almost forget to take time to count our blessings. Now, think about this, those cooks among us, and the grocery shoppers and party planners and planners of family gatherings, can sometimes get so overwhelmed with all the things to get done, that they, or we, don’t need any more pressure put on them. Funny, but it seems to happen to me, when three things need watching on the stove and something is about to boil over and the phone is for me, that the question is about to come out! I get off the phone move the boiling pot off the stove, grab a dishrag to wipe up the hot stove best I can. Hair wanting to drop down on my face and something in the oven is burning. You got it, here comes the question from the big guy who just got up out of the Lazy-Boy wanting an answer right now. Do you know what that question could be? While finding myself all out of sorts, here comes the rested up guy, still groggy from his long nap, asking, “What in the world can I get you for Christmas”? Can you imagine what my answer would like to be at that moment. Think about it and let me know.

Addendum: I am thankful to God for His many Blessings so undeserved. With all that I have how can I ask for more.