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Yea, another get-a-way! This time leaving my beloved Alabama in search of warm weather, and fun in
Sunny Florida.

Holidays are upon us, and excitement is growing. First, I started out with Thanksgiving,enjoying many things that I have to be thankful for. Freedom…Freedom to worship my chosen God and Savior. Freedom to enjoy family, and friends, and yes even the freedom to travel when, and where, to places of my own choosing.

This year, the Land of Disney was calling. With childlike anticipation, I could hardly wait to be with my family in Orlando and the Magic Kingdom.

The excitement in the eyes of children as they enter into the Magic Kingdom, where dreams really do come true, carries me back into my childhood imaginary world. No, I had no Magic Kingdom to visit, however, my mind, was my magic kingdom as I set up a little kingdom under the pine trees with pine straw as my plush carpet, or under sheet draped chairs, in our little family home. There was no television to watch, so I guess the great dreams, that I had, came from watching and admiring people, and perhaps watching an occasional movie.

These days, magic is in the fingers of tiny tots as they are handed new age technology and find most anything their little imagination could crave by rubbing a finger over a small screen.

Okay, back on subject. Orlando, the dream of dreams…Walt Disney’s dreams. After paying $14. to park,(I dare not mention the cost to visit the park) and riding the monorail into the park, the family and I walk in and feel the magic. The lights, the costumes, the characters, and beauty everywhere. Uh, did I really say walk into the park. I should change that to; I got pushed into the park by the eager crowds, that were feeling the same excitement that I was feeling. I could see the beautiful castle at the end of the street, cameras flashing. I was dodging people, weaving in and out trying to keep up with my family; could not afford to lose each other in this crowd. Eager to get to one of the magical rides we forged our way through only to read the digital sign informing us the wait in line was 100 minutes. On and on, to each ride, same situation. For the day, we rode three rides and ate very expensive flat bread pizza. Now, I will not complain, even the nightmarish crowd could not take the Magic out of the Kingdom.

Hats off to Mr. Walt Disney. I saw his fantastic imagination still at work as I observed the many workers it takes to keep his imagination alive. What his imagination and hard work, yes, his hard work accomplished, is amazing. America’s economy has been greatly boosted by his entrepreneurial spirit. It goes even further. Disney is all over the world, boosting the economy of many foreign countries. America allowed him the freedom to accomplish his dreams, and he worked hard for every bit of it. That hard work has paid off, for a multitude of people.

Now just why did I indicate that I was caught up in the Mouse Trap? I’ll explain it this way. Orlando on the surface is all about Mickey Mouse. For all of us who feel the imagination of a child, we can hardly wait to get here and spend a small fortune to visit Mickey and all he has to offer. The t-shirts and souvenirs are hard to pass up so we spend more money. We ran to the cheese and just like a little mouse, we got caught in the trap. All that said, now we have memories to share for years to come, of getting caught in the Mouse Trap. And as I wait for my first Novel to be published, I realize that if one works hard, and does not give up, their dreams really can come true.