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The Plywood Nativity

The Plywood Nativity

A nice day in Alabama. Temperature climbing to 70+ degrees. The Church Christmas program has been written and re-written. Parts have been distributed. Whew! Before I start dragging out costumes to fit shepherds and angels and other Biblical characters ranging in age from 2 years to 21 years old, I must get my little home glowing with some Christmas Spirit.

On this warm Alabama day, the outside decorations are going up. We won’t do quite as much outside this year, as in years past. Seems like each year calls for a little cutting back on yard decorations. Our children are all grown now. Our grandchildren are all grown. There aren’t many young children in our aging neighborhood anymore. Christmas lights in our subdivision are not of the ‘Griswold Christmas’ type anymore.

Be it ever so humble, there is no place like home.

Okay, we got our Nativity scene, (plywood pattern, cutouts painted white) set up. A large star, lighted with strings of Christmas lights has been hung in the tree above the Nativity. A big red bow adorns the mailbox on the street. Now, on the front door, I am putting up the timeworn-lighted wreath, which I have reworked again this year.

To my surprise, a white SUV slows down, and a woman yells out her opened car window. “It is beautiful!” Surprised, I call out, “Thank you so much.” I wanted so badly to explain to her how it could be so much better, but she rolled up her window and drove away. Before I finished my little project, here she comes again, and repeats her earlier praise and drives off.

My heart was stirred by her kind words. It never ceases to amaze me, how a kind word can encourage us to keep on keeping on. To the kind souls in the world who pass on words of encouragement, I say, “God Bless You All, and Merry Christmas.”