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It has been quite a time since my last blog.  Where do the days go, anyway?  Each morning, after coffee, I list the things to do today.  With all great intentions, I set out to complete the tasks on that list.  Then, the phone rings, and the days plans have changed.  Do I mind this change in plans?  Not one bit.  I am so glad that I can get up and get out, and that I still have a life outside the lists, that I make each morning.  I must admit however, that it gives me great pleasure to be able to put a mark through the chore or activity on my daily list. ” Wow, got that one done”, I’ll say to myself or maybe to whomever may be in hearing range.  Being able to reply to those who ask about “what are you up to today?”, with, “just gettin ‘er done“, is a great feeling.  Well, writing a short blog, to get back into the swing of things, is on my list of to do’s today and you guessed it!  Yes,!!!!! this one gets marked off my list.  Wishing all of you the best of weekends.  God Bless.

P. S. If I could conquer the technology block that I have, I would have a lot more time to get ‘er done.  I spend untold hours trying to do things that my computer keeps as a secret to herself.  She just won’t cooperate.