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  • Tax Filing time is here whether we like it or not.  “To do, or not to do” that is the question.  I started working on taxes in January thinking, I am going to get this done and over with as soon as the last  tax statements straggle in by the end of February.

Having to deal with filing taxes while having businesses for 20+ years, the few years since being retired has been a breeze for me where that yearly dread of doing taxes was concerned.  Well, now back to the business forms and making sure all numbers of income and outgo are in order and all because I wrote a book!

Authors work their way, many times for years, racking their brains, researching and staring  out into space for hours for the right words to come to mind that can be put on paper.  Then, they must keep editing and tweaking until it is finally ready for a publisher.  After quite a while, books are finally delivered to your door!  Then……..the work begins.  The first book is sold and now…..you have entered the business world again, and realize you should have kept up with all those expenses that you had to fork out while writing. Expenses like, reams and reams of printer paper, travel to research, printer ink, a new computer when the old one just gave out and you lost all your editable manuscript.  Must I list more?  While in the throes of writing a manuscript over several years, the mind is not focused on keeping tabs of all those crazy expenses and how many times you must jump up and run to the office supply store.  You must pay whatever it takes to finish the book.  I won’t even mention publishing costs, etc., etc.

April is due to arrive in one week, and that plan to be through with my part of preparing my taxes for my CPA has not been accomplished.  Instead of writing this blog, I should be going through old receipts…..as far back as ten years…..and at least try to recoup something back on a tax return!   I have not written a blog for a long time because there just does not seem to be enough time.  Having set this evening aside to finish taxes, and dreading getting into it so much, I just decided to tell you all how much I dread it, and put it off a little longer. My conscious is killing me knowing that I travel to New York for a book signing next week and if I don’t get taxes done now, I will need to get my CPA to file an extension for me…..thus costing me more $$$$$.  I think I will not bore you anymore with my dread and will just perform some discipline on myself and get busy on taxes.  Sure hope yours are done, and that you are getting a sweet return!!!!